Wine Wednesday + Local Finds June 05 2017

Cheese and Honey board with fruit and wine
We’ve found tasty goodness at Walla Walla's Farmers Market and we'll be sharing and paring fresh variations with you for our #WineWednesday, June 7th and 21st, at the tasting room, 11-4:30.
We picked up some Middle Eastern Lavosh crackers from Walla Walla Bread Company. They are light and lovely with just the right salt balance.  Perfect for dunking in the Albariño and a vehicle for CHEESE. Yeah!
At Monteillet Cheese we purchased the goat milk Le Roi Noir, which features edible GOLD and the Larzac, a goat and sheep milk cheese.  They are creamy, dreamy and oh so delectable with incredible texture.  Both circle back to wine through enhancement with grape leaf and ash, and are fantastic with our 2016 Bijoux and Albariño.
At Octopus Garden we picked up an unfiltered, sweet and mouth-coating Palouse wildflower honey that is spectacular drizzled on everything on the platter.  Everything.
Allister Boards are found in our tasting room. Crafted from walnut and meant to capture the undulating beauty of the natural edge.  An awesome talent and the perfect serving board.